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About 'The VYB Project'


The VYB Project is Trishant Bhatt, a 28-year-old Indian electronic music producer. On a musical journey across various genres, his goal is to keep exploring new sounds and ideas, never settling on one genre & exploring as many vibes as possible. His audience has been gracious enough to support him, granting him over 450,000+ streams across platforms with over 160,000+ monthly listeners.

Teaming up with international labels like Lofi Losers and Se Batre Contre, he has released a plethora of lofi hip-hop music, IDM, ambient instrumentals, synthwave, and more. On the flip side, he releases Techno under the alias The Janus Project, a side project for his more dance-floor friendly & dark techno music.

Solo Works

His journey began in 2015 when he was only halfway through his university. Finding solace in music to escape the monotony of life, Trishant would only plug out his earphones when in class or at home. When he found out that one can make music with software, he purchased a copy of Fruity Loops and began to play around. It was only a year later that he decided to up his game and actually make something meaningful & lasting.


Throughout the next two years, he found himself diving deeper and deeper into the world of music and music production and he decided to pursue music full time and went on to study music production at the True School of Mumbai.

Since 2018, he has released a constant stream of releases on multiple platforms. His music has since been placed in Spotify’s New Music Friday playlists & continues to reach an increasing audience. Each project differs from its predecessor his aim remained clear: variety. With every release, he brings a new school of thought, a new idea and a new story to be told. This is probably why is a plethora of music that explores so much.


Works in Visual Media

Trishant has scored numerous award-winning short films, advertisements, and web series since the beginning of 2018.

View all the works, visit the following page - Portfolio

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