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Film Score Work

Since the beginning of 2018, I've actively been involved in composing music for a plethora of visual media including short films, web shows, advertisements & short-form visual media. Please explore the various projects, available on a streaming platform of your choosing.

Visual Work, Vol. 1

Released 15th March 2024

VISUAL WORKS - VOL 1 is a compilation album of a plethora of projects that were worked upon since the beginning of 2017 - up to 2022. Besides producing tracks for his solo artistic journey, composing music for film has helped Trishant sustain an path in the composers world.
This compilation album brings together almost all of the tracks that have been created for the following films,
The (In) Dependant Spouse, The Choice, Debut, Sankalp, Kabira Maan Jaa & Anniversary

Living In A Pandemic - OST

Released 22nd March 2024

Long time collaborators and close friends Aditya Havnur & Trishant Bhatt combined their musical prowess to compose music for this award winning web show "Living In A Pandemic". The web show takes the viewer on a journey from the beginning of the horrific pandemic that struck in early 2020 - right up to the point where we collectively overcame it by finding a new normal after discovering a cure.
The music composed by Havnur & Trishant covers a wide spectrum of emotions from grief, anger and fear to hope, resilience and tiny bursts of joy. 

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