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17th November, 2023

Gradient is a groovy electro-pop tune that speaks about a brewing romance. , Above all the lush layers of synths and melodies, is an evolving bassline topped off with an emotive vocal performance from Tobias Lund. The song ends with a powerful guitar - bass lick that is backed by some powerful drumming. It was also chosen as 'Song of The Day' by KUTX Radio.


Winds Of Eternity

15th September, 2023

'Winds Of Eternity' is the second tune from an EP that is rolling out gradually over the course of 2023. Created with fellow friend and musician, Dante Rodriguez, this post-rock experiment is an ode to the travelers and the dreamers of the modern day. To the artists who lose their way in a world that demands everything instantly.

Immerse yourself in an experience filled with gleaming guitar riffs, sparks of escaping melodic arpeggios & a constantly changing structure. Hopefully, you trust the winds.



Original Version & Slow version
/ live from the studio

23rd June, 2023

After a break from hiatus, "Breathe"

is an organically created composition performed as a solo piano piece. 
With two variations available, you choose the mood: relaxation or energy.
Accompanying this tune's two variations are two videos:

A visualiser & a video of the tune

being performed in the studio live.
Stream & watch:



25th March 2022

Part 5 of the multi-genre epic, "PROJECT5", 5:5 is the 5th and final EP from this tumultuous journey throughout various genres.  This body of work is high on energy, grooves, and modernity. Taking inspiration from now underground genres like Progressive House to picking queues from the dark Techno rhythms, this album has been designed with the intent to keep you moving until the end of time.



August 27th, 2021

Part 4 of the multi-genre epic, "PROJECT5", 5:4 combs together tunes that bring joy, calm & a sense of relatability like Downtempo, Bedroom-Pop, Soft Rock & Retrowave genres. This is the first EP from The VYB Project to have all tracks featuring some of the finest musicians he has had the pleasure to work with.



January 29th, 2021

Part 3 of the multi-genre epic "PROJECT5", 5:3 is a blend of 5 various tunes that all belong to the Ambient / Drone / Instrumental / Neo-Classical style. This EP happens to be the first personal/private event related album in VYB's discography. Without delving into the details, this album revolves around the sonic textures, ethereal soundscapes & in-the-moment use of instruments & the various modulations of synthesizers to create an environment that helps bring the sound of a dream come to life.



November 20th, 2020

Part 2 of the multi-genre epic "PROJECT5", 5:2 is made of 5 various tunes that all belong to the IDM / Braindance / Jungle zone. VYB lets go of all the constraints of modern music ‘structures’ that appeal to the masses.  Some heavily experimentative styles with alternative time signatures, blending together of unusual
& familiar sounds make this album complete.



June 19th, 2020

Part 1 of the multi-genre epic "PROJECT5", 5:1 Comprises of 5 various tunes that all belong to the instrumental Hip Hop arena, this EP is my way of paying homage to the fine world of lo-fi hip hop, chill hop, instrumental hip hop, and a few more



May 22nd, 2020

Rohit D'Souza aka EMC Justice had been wanting to team up for a while with The VYB Project. This beat which was perfect for bringing out the Indian Hip-Hop flavours bubbling up in VYB's kitchen. Back up by Rohit's vocals, a sinful sitar melody finds it's place up in a filthy beat on 'Nafratein'.


From The Vault (Vol.1 & 2)

November 27th, 2019

A compilation album, made from all the tunes that were either demos or unreleased up until this point in time. Going all the way back to 2015, hear how the formative years sounded like for The VYB Project.


Distortion (B Side)

October 11th, 2019

This EP was a distribution of the leftover ideas from the album "Distortion". An instrumental, an upbeat electro smasher & an existential drone tune come together to create this lovely EP.


Amidst The Fog, I Found Peace

August 16th, 2019

Long time friend and producer, Havnur and VYB decided to create something magical that captures the feelings of being caught in the lovely rains of Mumbai. Dive into this atmospheric track, which soothes and relaxes like no other. 


Matter (Live Mix)

May 2017

The missing piece of the puzzle that was "Self EP", 'Matter' was the only tune that took quite a lot of time to be finished.. more than that of the rest of "Self" record.

Term "Live Mix", this tune is a sonic wishful dream of The VYB Project to be able to play infront of a live audience while being part of a 4-piece band.

Discography: Discography

Self EP

May 24th, 2019

A deep dive into the Buddhist teachings, a change of mindset & a new sense of purpose. Self EP bought a lot of changes to The VYB Project's life. 


Waves crashing on the edges of everything

February 18th, 2019

Lofi Legend Lamar Azul & The VYB Project came together for this  eclectic tune on Lamar's now defunct album "Nadar". However VYB chose to ask his permission to re-release the tune on all streaming services.


My Love

December 22nd, 2018

A return to the lofi genre seemed eminent with this release. A smooth downtempo christmas-y beat with a sampled vocal track made for a fantastic joint. This tune too went on to be one of the highest streamed tunes till date. 


Lighthouse on Mars - Six Missing
(The VYB Project remix)

December 5th, 2018

This remix of Six Missing's ambient tune was the first track to be selected for a Spotify Editorial Playlist from all the releases.
As spontaneous it's birth, it rose to be one of the first tracks to garner an audience worldwide



November 24th, 2018

Remember was the first attempt from The VYB Project

to create a lofi style track.. something that would go on to be one of the most highest streamed tunes from his catalogue


In My Head - Single

November 10th 2018

After taking a short break from music, The VYB Project returned to the music scene fiercer and more committed than ever. With Animal Magic EP, they have created some of their most compelling work to date.

In My Head_Single_FINAL.jpg

Distortion EP

October 10th, 2018

An album born from being aggravated and concerned by global warming, hyper-capitalism & rise of artifical intelligence.

Distortion is the kind of response you get when you throw in all kinds of fears into a melting pot.


Collision EP

July 2018

A colliding effort between The VYB Project & vampire squid, this EP is the result of wanting to work together under one album while showing our two different styles.


VIBRANCE - The debut album.

July 2018

A re-done version of the debut album "VIBRANCE", is a collection of my music that explores different genres while not straying away from the concept of relaxing or chilling out.

For Naira.


Rise of The Phoenix EP

May 2017

The story of Trishant's journey began when he decided to stop making music as a joke and take this art form a bit more seriously. Spending more than 6 months from May to December 2016, there was a lot of development of sound, ideas and actual learning of how to properly use the DAW.

This EP was the result of those few months of hardwork, pain and process of re-building his sounds.

With electronic dance being the focal point of the album, Rise of The Phoenix is one of his favourite works to go back to.  

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