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Looped Memories ft. Hunter Krueger | 5:2:3
The VYB Project

Looped Memories ft. Hunter Krueger | 5:2:3

Available to stream on all streaming services: Visualizer video created, compiled & owned by The VYB Project Music composed & produced by The VYB Project, Hunter Krueger Looped Memories is an ode to the classics in the IDM / Jungle style of music. Filled with intense and meticulously crafted drumming, topped off with a melody motif that is better associated with The VYB Project's style, this track is an audible version of those memories that one often loops to infinity in their heads. The idea behind this video is to visualise the constantly rotating cycle of memories in our head is perceived by me. Each lightwave is representative of a memory, no matter how short a moment or how big a story that is remembered. Going through the loop, at the "core" one will find the most cherished memories.. a carefully decorated vault of things that can actually be considered wealth. This track is a part of the second EP of The VYB Project's multi-genre series called "PROJECT5" Released via Se Battre Contre: Follow Hunter Krueger: Twitter: -- Instagram: ---------------------------------------------------------- Website - Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Check out the rest of my music, available everywhere else: Spotify Discography Playlist:
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