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This 25-track album series is a testament to the need for exploring new genres and learning new things from each style of music. 

Many thanks to:
Lamar Azul, Ravenrapid, Chilled Cat, Hunter Krueger, 
Vidya Nair, Raj Kashyap, FAULTSNFOLDS, Eisha Nair, Aditya Jadhav, Kedar Kavle, Swanand Thakur, Mayrain, Raghu S,
Prathamesh Jadhav, Kohai, lazyboyloops & Aditya Havnur

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'PROJECT5' is the name of a series of EPs. Each EP centers around one genre and sub-genres within.

This EP is part one of the series, titled ‘5:1’ (or ‘five one’). Comprising of 5 various tunes that all belong to the instrumental Hip Hop arena, this EP is my way of paying homage to the fine world of lo-fi hip hop, chill hop, instrumental hip hop, and a few more. This EP is released with the Lofi Losers collective, an international label that releases music and also helps showcase rising artists from across the globe


released on june 19th, 2020

released by lofi losers collective


5:2 is the second instalment of the ongoing EP-Series, from The VYB Project’s series – ‘PROJECT5’, which he brings to Se Battre Contre.

This EP is part two of the series, titled ‘5:2’ (or ‘five two’). Comprising of 5 various tunes that all belong to the IDM / Braindance / Jungle zone. Heavily influenced by some artists like Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, μ-Ziq, Flying Lotus to name a few, on 5:2 I try to let go of all the constraints of modern music ‘structures’ that appeal to the masses. I’ve tried to heavily experiment with alternative time signatures, blending together of unusual
& familiar sounds yet still create something that one may enjoy listening to.

This EP is released with
Se Battre Contre, an independent net-label that releases similar music and also helps showcase rising artists in various genres from across the globe.

released on 6th November, 2020 

released by SE BATTRE CONTRE


5:3 is the third installment of the ongoing EP-Series, from The VYB Project’s series – ‘PROJECT5’, which he brings home to Apt.2 Recordings.

This EP is part two of the series, titled ‘5:3’ (or ‘five three’). Comprising of 5 various tunes that all belong to the Ambient / Drone / Instrumental / Neo-Classical style. This EP happens to be the first personal/private event-related album in my discography. Without delving into the details, this album revolves around the sonic textures, ethereal soundscapes & in-the-moment use of instruments & the various modulations of synthesizers to create an environment that helps bring the sound of a dream come to life.

This EP features
Raj Kashyap, an actor, producer & owner of Ol Bout Cinema, and marks the debut of artist FAULTSNFOLDS

The artwork & creative direction of this EP was created entirely by Art_Opia_. Each track has a special artwork created for it.

released january 29th, 2022

released by Apt.2 Recordings


5:4 is the fourth installment of the ongoing EP-Series, from The VYB Project’s – ‘PROJECT5’, which he brings home to his own label, Apt.2 Recordings.

This EP is part four of the series, titled ‘5:4’ (pronounced: 'five-four’).
Comprising of 5 various tunes that bring joy, calm & a sense of relatability like Downtempo, Bedroom-Pop, Soft Rock & Retrowave genres. This is the first EP from The VYB Project to have all tracks featuring some of the finest musicians he has had the pleasure to work with.

This 4th installment of PROJECT5 was always going to be an album of the people. Uplifting melodies, and groovy beats with an overall sense of happiness are at the core of each track on this album. A lot of time was given to listening to tracks that he felt inspired hope & awoke feelings of positivity for everyone.. especially during these last two years due to COVID.

This reflects on the album's sound palette. There are some strong influences on this record, from the likes of Coldplay, Tame Impala, The Midnight, Porter Robinson + Madeon to name a few.

Each song, although unique, was created throughout 2020 - 2021 with many delays in production and creation due to the limitations of COVID-19 which thus caused the delay for the album to release.

1 Lucid Dreaming (ft. Swanand Thakur)

Swanand Thakur - Guitar Composition, Arrangement, Production

2 My Words (ft. May Rain)

Kavya Nair - Vocal Performance, Songwriting, Arrangement

3 Pure Magic ft (Raghu .S)
Raghu Shashidhar - Guitar, Composition, Sound Design, Production.

Prathamesh Jadhav - Mastering Engineer.

4 Wonders of Life (ft. Kohai)

Travis Jalbert - Production, Arrangement.

5 CHILL (ft. lazyboyloops)

Aaron Richardson - Bassline Composition, Sound Design, Production.

released AUGUST 27th, 2021

Released by Apt.2 Recordings



5:5 is the fifth and final installment of the EP-Series, from The VYB Project’s – ‘PROJECT5’.

This EP is part five of the series, titled ‘5:5’ (pronounced: 'five-five’).
Comprising of 5 tunes from the dance music scene, this body of work is high on energy, grooves, and modernity. Taking inspiration from now underground genres like Progressive House to picking queues from the dark Techno rhythms, this album has been designed with the intent to keep you moving.

Featuring -
Aditya Havnur, Additional Synth Programming ("Singularity")

released March 25, 2022

Released by Apt.2 Recordings


(Complete Edition)

There exists a more complete version of the album.
With the original
25 tunes, this 'complete edition'  includes 10 unreleased tunes, 5 remixes & more music videos along with a short film on the story that this multi-genre album series revolves around. PROJECT5 Complete Edition will be available when the timer below hits zero.....

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