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Gradient is a groovy electro-pop tune that speaks about a brewing romance. Above all the lush layers of synths and melodies, is an evolving bassline topped off with an emotive vocal performance from Tobias Lund. The song ends with a powerful guitar-bass lick that is backed by some powerful drumming.

The lyrics talk about a budding romantic entanglement between two people, that culminates in the two taking the leap towards the end of the song. The concept is based on a small part of a story that plays out through the album that the song was initially created for.

Gradient morphed into what it is over the course of 8 months of back-and-forth songwriting & and ideating between me and Tobias. Seasoned musicians were bought on to help finish creating and performing it along with engineers to help record, mix & and master the song.

This song became 'Song of the day' on the popular Radio Channel KUTX in Austin, Texas.

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