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A new era begins!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Wow, this feels epic to finally declare! I'm finally in the US! I've been waiting to study in the United States for about 4 years now. But due to some personal issues and things not aligning right for this to happen, this felt like a distant dream a little out of my reach.

I had been trying again and again for this to happen since about 2021 started and after a whole year of waiting, I can finally begin my journey to complete my education and learn more about this beautiful art form that we call Music Production. Since I got my visa on time and things finally aligned right, here I am once again, after 24 years. And the experience so far has been interesting, to say the least. Aside from studying here, I also aim to begin work on the next big project from me.. the second studio album that will overshadow everything I've worked on so far. I hope I get to meet some talented musicians and work with them to bring this body of work to life. But whatever happens, the aim to go beyond my limits is now my goal. While for the outside world, I remain in stasis, the work has only just begun.

Per aspera, ad astra.


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