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Switch the phone off.

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

I've increasingly found that time off from working on anything, irrespective of it being audio/music-related or any kind of work, is just as important as working on it.

For music producers especially, I think it's of paramount importance to take breaks from working on any kind of project. The ears are one of the finest tools we hone. They should be protected at any cost.

While we're at it, taking time off from social media is one of the BEST ways to unwind. And yes, I mean them all. The world of social media today is such an interconnected highway of constantly jam-packed information, it can be super hard to take time to process something. While the unending stream of 1-min vertical videos is seemingly here to stay, there is no rule for you to subject yourself to these platforms for extended periods of time.

It really hampered my creative ability there for a bit, when I found myself trying to recreate something I saw a producer making on a reels video. That in itself froze me because I do not want to copy someone's idea. Maybe that might happen to you too... Who knows? There's only one way to find out.

I guess I'm saying that this is also a recommendation about bringing about ideas. When I simply head out of my 4x4 room that I surround myself on the daily, it feels like I've left my planet to go exploring the solar system, because there's always something new happening around.

Nature is one of the best inspirational tools we have, for music/art of all kinds. Luckily I have a few good friends with whom I can head out to go on really good, long walks or take the occasional hike. Any kind of physical activity should be a must for an artist.

Maybe your best idea is out there.. waiting for you.

So yeah. Take adequate brakes and keep yourself hydrated too! A healthy body is a healthy mind, or so I've heard.


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